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Lilies Diary | 28. May 2017

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Mannheim attractions – a mini-Berlin

10. October 2016 |

I know – I’m leaning a bit far out of my window here in making such a bold statement. But I think I’m qualified to make it too – after all, I do live in Berlin. Mannheim, it‘s a bit … Read More

7 reasons why the Surfers Lodge Peniche is a dream for surfers

16. September 2016 |

I’ve returned to the scene of the crime, so to speak. A year ago I had my first surf lesson in Peniche, on the beach of Baleal, and spent a night at Surfers Lodge Peniche. I can’t remember much, as … Read More

Ulm Travel Tips – A City of Superlatives

9. September 2016 |

The world’s highest church tower, the Guinness Book of Records’ most crooked hotel, the oldest sculpture of animals and humans (40,000 years old), Germany’s best-maintained fortress, and, until 2009, the shortest urban railway network. Ulm is a city of superlatives … Read More

Insidertipps Stuttgart – Was ihr auf keinen Fall verpassen dürft

11. August 2016 |

Zieht euch gute Schuhe an! Stuttgart ist groß, es gibt viel zu entdecken und es geht immer wieder rauf und runter. Genau das macht die Stadt auch so besonders – die tollen Plätze mit Blick über die Stadt. Oder die … Read More

Vegan dessert: baked pear with vanilla sauce

3. January 2016 |

Certain smells, moments and food remind me of winter as a child. It seems like it was only yesterday. Whenever I got back from skiing, freezing from head to toe, my mum would have a hot chocolate waiting for me. … Read More

You can’t always get what you want

24. November 2015 |

“I’d love to lead your life”. I hear that all the time. And I think about that sentence a lot. A casual remark made by so many. But do they really know what it means to live my life?

Read More

My 7 tips for the ‘Kiez’ Friedrichshain in Berlin

24. November 2015 |

I’ve been in Berlin for almost five years now and still feel like I don’t really know anything. Every time I’m asked to give some recommendations I just blush and attempt to change the topic. To be honest, there is … Read More

Paths are made by walking

30. September 2015 |

I jumped. Straight into the air, both feet leaving the ground. I probably only jumped 30cm high or so, but it felt as if I had jumped straight into the sky and could touch the clouds. It was a moment … Read More

Lake Garda – The three nicest spots

3. June 2015 |

Bella Italia! As a kid this is where I spent my summer holidays. But the older I got, the more I lost interest. Why Italy and why Lake Garda, when I could be off exploring the world? Because the things … Read More

Lissabon Sightseeing – Über den Dächern bis ans Meer

24. May 2015 |

Lissabon Sightseeing – wie fühlt sich das wohl an? Ich kann es einfach nicht lassen. Kaum bin ich in einer neuen Stadt, versuche ich sie zu vergleichen mit irgendeiner Stadt, die ich schon kenne. So ist beispielsweise Wien für mich … Read More