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Lilies Diary | 29. March 2015

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I swam with a whale shark!!!

19. March 2015 |

Christine, what can we see in your photo? The 4th leg of my Maledives island hopping trip! I’m on Maafushivaru and I finally found them, the flower-shaped water bungalows! It’s amazing, walking down the pier and seeing these identical huts … Read More

Miami’s top 7 spots at the sea

8. December 2014 |

I am convinced that the response is obvious, if you ask people about what they wish to have during their holidays: the sun and the ocean. Florida is well-known as being the sun state and Miami as being the city … Read More

My life with a dog

2. December 2014 |

No one day is ever the same, I always hear new mothers say. This also applies to new dog owners. Let’s be honest, a dog is very much like a child, except it never gains independence and moves out. A … Read More

Maledives: 7 Tips for a holiday on Kuramathi

2. November 2014 |

A holiday on Kurmathi: 5 resorts in 15 days. That was my own small personal project for the Maledives. Honestly, I feel like a bit of an expert on the Maledives now, and can recommend a suitable resort for everyone! … Read More

Kurumba – an island for beginners and dolphin lovers

28. October 2014 |

I’ll admit, the flight from Germany to Malé is pretty tiring, especially overnight. My first trip to the Maledives required a long-haul flight, another 90-minute flight and a 45-minute speedboat trip. I was exhausted when I arrived and needed a … Read More

Book recommendation: NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL by Lena Dunham

22. October 2014 |

I had everything ready for my trip. My flow magazine, that I’d had to keep myself from reading in the two weeks before, and the book “The Catcher in the Rye”, which my co-bloggern Michael had given me for my … Read More

7 reasons for a holiday in Munich

15. July 2014 |

Today’s post features particularly special tips on holidaying in Munich. They’re tips you gave me, dear readers! Before my weekend trip to Munich with the City Night Line train, I’d asked you via my page Lilies Diary to give me … Read More

You and your flowers are killing me!

24. August 2013 |

When will I become like you?

It’s not even 8am yet and I’m already feeling guilty and am in a terrible mood. On Instagram freshly made up faces are smiling at me, Twitter is full of updates about kilometers … Read More

Penis Festival Kanamara Matsuri in Japan

15. June 2013 | 1

„Husaka, Husak, Husake“, chants the crowd and claps. Above them floats the pink penis, the sanctum, which is carried by men dressed as women. Their colourful wigs are askew, their eyes sparkling and laughing. The only thought that came to … Read More

Midnight Sun Film Festival Finland

26. January 2013 | 1

27 000 visitors come each year to be bewitched. By films and the sun. Nobody sleeps for more than four hours during the Finnish summer. Sleep, that what’s you do in winter. In summer, you spend your time living and … Read More