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Lilies Diary | 20. March 2018

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Smartphone photography – tips for great pics!

9. April 2016 |

I’m on holiday and am super keen to discover the city I’m visiting…so what do I need to pack? Map, bottle of water, snacks, my phone, my phone charger, an additional power bank and my wallet. And my camera bag, … Read More

Opel OnStar – the perfect travel buddy for your roadtrip!

18. September 2015 |

As a travel blogger you are alway on the move. Most of our time me and my colleagues spend on our journeys. In every imaginable situation we work in front of our laptops – in the wifi from the hotel, … Read More

Bremen – ein perfektes Wochenende in der Hansestadt

3. July 2015 |

Moin Bremen, meine geliebte Heimatstadt. Wie sehr ich dich vermisse! Weil ich Bremen und meine Bremer so vermisse, zeige ich euch hier, wie ihr es schafft euch in einem Wochenende in die wunderschöne Hansestadt Bremen zu verlieben. Aufgepasst, hier kommt … Read More

A perfect day: Skiing in the Dolomites

13. May 2015 |

In just one day of skiing in the Sesto Dolomites you can get to the top of a whopping three to four peaks. Croda Rossa, the Monte Croce mountain pass, Val Comelico and Monte Elmo. Despite my ambitions to pursue … Read More

7 Things you have to see on Ko Samui

13. May 2015 |

Ko Samui – paradise! Teresa responded to my appeal “Send me your best travel photograph” and promptly joined the team of bloggers at Lilies Diary. Today she’s taking you with her on a trip to Thailand’s breathtaking island Ko Samui:

Exotic … Read More

Maafushivaru – 7 unforgettable moments on the Maledives

13. May 2015 |

They always say don’t look to the past, live in the here and now. I generally agree, but I have to say reminiscing about certain moments and memories in the past really brings a smile to my face. I think … Read More

Backpacking like a pro

13. May 2015 |

It takes quite a bit of preparation and a handful of tricks to be a true backpacker. I learned that it is not enough to just carry a backpack when travelling the world. So here are my backpacking tips – … Read More

5×5 Insider Tips for Nuremberg

13. May 2015 |

Nuremberg is not only the second biggest but also one of the most beautiful cities in Bavaria. This is where it all happens, regardless of age. And the city definitely has a lot more to offer than the Kaiserburg, Henkersteg … Read More