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Lilies Diary | 20. March 2018

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You can’t always get what you want

24. November 2015 |

“I’d love to lead your life”. I hear that all the time. And I think about that sentence a lot. A casual remark made by so many. But do they really know what it means to live my life?

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Paths are made by walking

30. September 2015 |

I jumped. Straight into the air, both feet leaving the ground. I probably only jumped 30cm high or so, but it felt as if I had jumped straight into the sky and could touch the clouds. It was a moment … Read More

Life is too short to do the wrong thing – Eat Berlin

30. September 2015 |

„I always thought I surely can’t be the only person who wants to eat great salad dressings? And then I said to myself, fine – you’re going to have to make them yourself!” I’m at 7 Hackeschen Hof in Berlin … Read More

Becoming self-employed guide – quitting the rat race

28. December 2014 |

Those few days just before a new year starts are days of contemplation. Time to reflect on the year that passed, to draw conclusions and make loads of plans for the year to come! What I liked in particular this … Read More

My life with a dog

2. December 2014 |

No one day is ever the same, I always hear new mothers say. This also applies to new dog owners. Let’s be honest, a dog is very much like a child, except it never gains independence and moves out. A … Read More

You and your flowers are killing me!

24. August 2013 |

When will I become like you?

It’s not even 8am yet and I’m already feeling guilty and am in a terrible mood. On Instagram freshly made up faces are smiling at me, Twitter is full of updates about kilometers … Read More

Life as a Teacher – Part 2 and a broken down car

16. January 2012 | 1


Just then, my audiobook ended and I was about to put the radio on, when it went ‘grrrrrrgrgrgrggrgrr’ and ‘kaboosh’.

‘Oh my God, what’s up with the radio? Are my speakers broken?’ I asked myself. Then one of my … Read More

Life as a Teacher – Part 1

10. January 2012 |


It was a Wednesday. I had to get from Berlin to Hamburg and decided to drive. I found three willing passengers on the web. It was one of those weeks in my life, in which far too much was … Read More

Which runner are you?

12. December 2011 |


It’s winter. Average temperatures are around zero. I’ve bid farewell to daylight and slipping into spandex shorts, a sweatshirt and my running shoes. Yep, I’m a runner, well, was, at least.

It happened two years ago. I overcame … Read More

Smart kids and dolls’ clothes

12. December 2011 |


I like smart kids, you know, the ones that can tie their shoe laces at the age of one and know from the start that the Easter Bunny isn’t real. I love it when they ask ridiculous questions to … Read More