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Lilies Diary | 19. March 2018

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Tips for Stuttgart – What not to miss on your 24-hour trip


Wear comfy shoes! Stuttgart is big, there’s loads to explore, and it’s hilly. Which accounts for some spectacular views over the city. Combine hilltop vistas with numerous resting spots by the water – what a unique place to be! Check out Stuttgart’s highlights and insider tips below. I hope some of these ideas are new to you, so you can plan your next visit!


Stuttgart’s Bohnenviertel is a historic and charming part of town. I can highly recommend getting a tour guide to accompany you in order to learn about the city’s lively past. The story of how the quarter got its name “bean quarter” for example is really interesting. In the 15th century all tradesmen who worked with fire and water were kicked out of town.


As a result, a suburb full of poor people who couldn’t afford more than pulses, vegetables and wine developed. A century later, the broad bean plant was brought to Europe and eventually Stuttgart. A blessing for the tradesmen, who could buy these nutritional plants cheaply and grow them at home, in their garden or on their balconies. Visitors to this part of town noticed the numerous bean plants, and so the Bohnenviertel got its name. But this isn’t the only intriguing bean-related story about Stuttgart. Plenty more stories are featured in the annual Bohnenviertel festival, which even selects an annual bean king.


A guided tour of the Bohnenviertel lasts 90 minutes to two hours, and I promise it’ll change the way you see your surroundings. Why there are so many hair dressers? No idea. But the many wine taverns transported me back to taverns run by vine dressers in the vineyards that started right behind Weberstraße. And the quarters of wine served in the cosy taverns are just as tasty as they would have been back in the day. The tiny stores, antique shops and galleries are wonderful treasure troves. Regardless of whether you’re into bargain hunting or finding great restaurants – exploring Stuttgart’s Bohnenviertel won’t disappoint. My favourite shop: the doll and teddy bear hospital, where you can drop off your favourite toys and have the doctor fix them up, sew on a new eye or replace a torn arm.

  • Hüftengold: Café Hüftengold offers tasty breakfasts and magical cakes, no matter what your heart desires.––– Olgastraße 44
  • Norbert Ravizza Antiquitäten: If you love pieces of furniture that tell a story, then you have to check out this antique shop. A goldmine for baroque and art nouveau furniture. They provide restoration services, too.––– Wagnerstraße 41
  • Galerie Pixxl Götz Wintterlin Fotokunst + Fotogalerie: This gallery is home to exciting alternating photography exhibits and cute souvenirs, such as art postcards, calendars and bookmarks.––– Brennerstr. 21
  • Sim1 Atelier: Simone Mertz’s workshop is bursting with illustrations, paintings and intriguing objects that you can peruse and purchase.––– Kanalstraße 2
  • Weinstube Zur Kiste: This wine tavern is the city’s oldest and comprises three levels, which are full to the brim with wine lovers every night.––– Kanalstraße 2
  • Café DA: The recently opened Café DA serves amazing vegan cakes and cupcakes. You can also buy craft beer from Stuttgart and homemade lemonades.––– Brennerstr. 29

Compared to the Bohnenviertel, Stuttgart’s Heusteigviertel seems more elegant due to the different architectural style of the Gründerzeit and art nouveau epochs. It’s located in the South of the city and is quite quirky, full of cafés, restaurants and shops.

The old buildings are made from locally sourced sandstone. The Heusteigviertel also used to be located outside of the city’s gates. Despite its location, almost every corner building was taken up by a shop in order to ensure residents could buy supplies. See how many corner shops you can spot.


If you’re in Heusteigviertel over lunch then be sure to visit Super Jami. I was sat in this deli for an hour, and each and every guest who passed me said how tasty it was ––– Bopserstr. 10


  • Studiotique: This shop is a dream come true for people who love functional and pretty objects. The lovingly curated collection is perfect.––– Schlosserstraße 17
  • English Tea Room: Owners Lynn and Christian moved to Stuttgart from England in 2004. They sell more than 80 different kinds of tea from all over the world. Time for a cuppa!––– Weißenburgstraße 29
  • Schmachtfetzen: This shop sells feminine clothes and accessories, inspired by the 1930s and 1950s.––– Wilhelmstr. 8b (Enter via Heusteigstraße)
  • Poule folle – Studio für Letterpress & Design: Poule folle has a wonderful selection of prints and paper products.––– Silberburgstr. 189
  • Such & Find: Such & Find is an absolute delight for collectors, specialised in old toys such as model trains and tin cars as well as comics, LPs, CDs and more.––– Mozartstraße 38
  • Green Stream: 100 % vegan smoothies, juices and shakes made with regional and seasonal ingredients.––– Mittelstr. 24
  • Zimt und Zucker: This café has an incredibly cosy vibe going on and makes delicious coffee and cakes, including vegan or lactose/gluten free options.––– Weißenburgstr. 2C
Insidertipps Stuttgart: Design auf Zeit – die Fluxus, eine Temporary Concept Mall

Normally you stroll through a new city and are lucky to find a great shop every few streets. In the Temporary Concept Mall Fluxus amazing shops are lined up, one next to the other, from beautiful clothes boutiques and design shops full of watches or glasses to souvenir stands – there’s something here for everyone. The Calwer Passage is home to 16 shops, united under the common theme Fashion, Design, Vintage and Zeitgeist.


Fluxus also takes care of all your culinary needs. Holzapfel sells homemade cake and hot or cold snacks throughout the day, and beer, cocktails and wine in the evening. Lala Saftbar is a super healthy option: from anti-aging and fresh juices, wheatgrass or goji berries – all the smoothies are additive-free and use the best ingredients. Craving a coconut? Head over to Tatti Bar.




Stuttgart has to be seen from above. The TV Tower offers the most spectacular view. Take the U15 from the city centre to Fernsehturm. The smart people of Stuttgart decided to build their TV tower a bit outside of town – unlike in Berlin, where the Alexanderplatz is full of tourists who are too busy looking up rather than watching where they’re going. From the U15 stop it’s a short walk through a lovely woodland area – easy to forget you’re even in a city! The souvenir shop by the entrance to the tower has some great gifts that feature the TV tower, such as tshirts, postcards or wooden toys.


And then it was time to the take to the skies. Stuttgart’s tower is 217m high, and is pretty special: it was the first of its kind in the world and inspired countless others. A prototype that was replicated and improved – from Frankfurt and Dortmund to Johannesburg and Wuhan in China. There are two viewing platforms at 150m and 153m above the ground. If the weather’s good you can even see the Jura Mountains and the Black Forest mountain range. And if you’re looking for a coffee or dinner with a view, the TV tower has its own restaurant!

I know, the TV tower isn’t much of an insider tip, but the view from the top is unbeatable. And I can recommend a small detour on the way back into town: get off the U-Bahn at Eugensplatz, buy a Mercedes Benz ice cream at „Pinguin“ and find a spot on a bench opposite, where you can take in the stunning view and enjoy the city’s best ice cream.


Take the steps down, pass the fountain and keep left in order to get to the next insider tip: Café Babel, which unites art, culture and coffee. Enjoy!



A few hours into your visit you’ll realise that parts of the city are pretty steep – it’s incredibly tiring! The straightest line between two points is the quickest route, so why not rise up above the city at a right angle. Germany’s only cogwheel railway, also known as “Zacke” has been climbing from Marienplatz to Degerloch since 1884. It’s primarily used by commuters to get to and from work. To mix things up a bit, buy your ice cream first – at the Gelateria im Kaiserbau, one of the best ice cream parlours in Stuttgart. They have some pretty crazy concoctions!


Then get the cogwheel train up and take full advantage of the spectacular panorama view. I got off at Haigst station and walked to the Santiago de Chile Square. It’s incredibly quiet here, so peaceful!


I don’t know any other city in Germany where you can get off a train in the middle of town and five minutes later settle down on a green meadow by a gorgeous lake. Stuttgart truly is unique, full of small green spaces! I want to introduce you to two in particular.

  • Karlshöhe: Located between Stuttgart-South and Stuttgart-West, the crest of Karlshöhe Mountain boasts a breathtaking view over the city centre, vineyards, gardens and public parks.––– Willy-Reichert-Staffeln
  • Tea house in Weissenburgpark: The tea house is located in a beautiful art nouveau pavilion, a wonderful spot for enjoying the Weissenburgpark. What a great combination of nature and tea! And it’s only a few minutes away from yet another viewing point – this time over the Stuttgart Valley.––– Hohenheimer Str. 119

Stuttgart is a land of milk and honey, especially for fans of Swabian cuisine. But there are plenty of options for vegans, too! Usually I just check out the Happy Cow App to see what vegan restaurants are nearby. But Stuttgart has its own vegan guide, which I found at Super Jamie. I’ve summarised it for you:


I’m sure there are loads of other places that have vegan options, too! Hopefully it won’t be too long until every restaurant has at least one vegan dish on the menu. I came across a place called Lumen, which has a beautiful interior and features a vegan daal soup and a vegan curry. Another recommendation: Reiskorn.



My trip to the Markthalle – the indoor market – was yet another highlight. It’s right next to the Altes Schloss and is a real treat. Just like a mini-holiday, every booth offers something new to sniff and look at. Spanish ham, Turkish olives, Iranian caviar. Full of sumptuous treats. Stuttgart’s interior market boasts 43 booths from around the world. The French deli stall has a great cheese selection, just across from a delicious bakery and organic strawberries. And it gets even better: head up to the next floor, and right next to an Italian restaurant you’ll find my favourite shop: Merz und Benzing. The two siblings sell incredible items from all over the world. A wonderful collection of unique products.



To wrap things up I asked a bunch of locals to recommend places that are popular, new or too good to miss:

Tipps von echten Stuttgartern-Karte

  1. A – Patisserie Tarte & Törtchen: Magical cakes that are to die for. ––– Gutbrodstraße 1
  2. B – Poffers Cafe: For those who love Poffertjes. What’s that? Go find out! ––– Urbanstrasse 86
  3. C – Tante Lenes Maultaschen: Classic Maultaschen with potato salad, that’s the basic option. This place is not afraid of experimenting and has come up with some great Maultaschen inventions.––– Esslinger Straße 8
  4. D – Café Aussichtsreich: Café Aussichtsreich: This venue has great food as well as a stunning view over the Neckar Valley down to the Rems Valley.––– Auerbachstrasse 182

If you’re still not tired then there are a few places you can head for a big night out:

Insidertipps Stuttgart - Nachtleben-Karte

  1. The quarter around the Hans-im-Glück-Brunnen: This is a really lively part of town. It has a low-key brunch-y vibe during the day, but this is where the party animals come to dance the night away.
  2. Mata Hari: Very cosy, slightly different bar in Stuttgart – Mata Hari. Great food and fantastic vibe.––– Geißstr. 3
  3. Schwarz-Weiß Bar: The Schwarz-Weiß Bar has exciting cocktails and chill Jazz music. Laid back atmosphere.– Wilhelmstraße 8A
  4. Paul & George: Serves tasty drinks and extravagant cocktails in an exposed brick building.––– Weberstr. 3
  5. Waranga: This club is a great place to while away a few hours with a stunning view over the Schloßplatz.––– Kleiner Schloßplatz 15
  6. Palast der RepublikThis former toilet building has become a meeting point for night owls! Not to be missed.––– Friedrichstr. 27
  7. Galao: Feels just like home. Has great service and delicious drinks. Live music on Wednesday and Saturday nights.––– Tübinger Str. 90
  8. Bar: No surprises here, Bar is a bar. Cocktails, whiskey and rum in a relaxing atmosphere. ––– Augustenstr. 81
  9. Skybeach Stuttgart: The top floor of Galeria Kaufhof’s parking lot is home to Stuttgart’s Skybeach. Sunny beach vibes and good drinks.––– Königstrasse 6

I hope you enjoyed my guide! I think I managed to squeeze quite a lot into a 24-hour trip to Stuttgart. One last thing, kind of like a reward for those who continued reading until the end: Visit the city library and head up to the 8th floor. You’ll get some incredible photos, I promise!

Tips for Stuttgart – flowers

This post was written in cooperation with the Stuttgart region and holiday destination Baden-Württemberg.

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