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Lilies Diary | 20. March 2018

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Dutch cuisine – Eight famous and amazing Dutch snacks

11. September 2016 |

When I first discovered chips with Joppisauce 8 years ago I was delighted. That Dutch snacks extended beyond fried foods was beyond me at that point in time.

For sure, don’t miss out on the world’s best chip shops and … Read More

Vegan dessert: baked pear with vanilla sauce

3. January 2016 |

Certain smells, moments and food remind me of winter as a child. It seems like it was only yesterday. Whenever I got back from skiing, freezing from head to toe, my mum would have a hot chocolate waiting for me. … Read More

Opel OnStar – the perfect travel buddy for your roadtrip!

18. September 2015 |

As a travel blogger you are alway on the move. Most of our time me and my colleagues spend on our journeys. In every imaginable situation we work in front of our laptops – in the wifi from the hotel, … Read More

Book recommendation: NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL by Lena Dunham

22. October 2014 |

I had everything ready for my trip. My flow magazine, that I’d had to keep myself from reading in the two weeks before, and the book “The Catcher in the Rye”, which my co-bloggern Michael had given me for my … Read More

Come to Berlin for a weekend!

1. April 2012 | 3

No, it’s no April Fools’ Day joke, I’m inviting you to Berlin for a weekend with me in the coolest city in the world ;) Beside all the Festival stress, we all need some great time! You don’t need to do anything, you just … Read More

3.Festival – St. Patricks Day 2012

21. March 2012 | 5

Every year Dublin becomes green for one weekend. Everybody is wearing green cloth and everywhere you find shamrocks. St. Patricks Day 2012 was my first time and totally amazing. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of everything and everybody. The people … Read More

Irish food – breakfast

17. March 2012 |

I have noticed, that the irish food, above all the breakfast, has a lot in common with the English Breakfast. It must be rich and fatty to help all the drunken people after St. Patricksday to come back to life. So … Read More

1. Festival-Outfit – red and fruity

27. February 2012 |

Once upon a time I studied fashion design. Now it is the right time to use my knowledge. I will create the optimal  festival outfit for every type of festival. This week it will be red an fruity ;)

Read More

Breakfast on a sunday morning – it’s all about cheese

19. February 2012 |

Breakfast on a sunday morning at home can be so GREAT. All you need is…

Good cheese.

Cheese, cheese, cheese…

A roll.

A knife and … Read More

Toast bread for a week

16. January 2012 | 1