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Lilies Diary | 31. October 2014

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Life as a Teacher – Part 2 and a broken down car

16. January 2012 | 1


Just then, my audiobook ended and I was about to put the radio on, when it went ‘grrrrrrgrgrgrggrgrr’ and ‘kaboosh’.

‘Oh my God, what’s up with the radio? Are my speakers broken?’ I asked myself. Then one of my passengers spoke up…..

‘I think the noise is coming from your car.’ What? Panicking, I turned off the radio, hoping that the noise would click off.
‘grrrrgrgrgrgrgr’. Shit.

Christine Neder

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The world of sheep

4. January 2012 |


At Christmas I attend a range of cheesy and kitschy exhibitions. I find it therapeutic to look at silly things I’ve never cared for throughout the year but suddenly find important because it’s Christmas. That’s why I’ve … Read More

Smart kids and dolls’ clothes

12. December 2011 |


I like smart kids, you know, the ones that can tie their shoe laces at the age of one and know from the start that the Easter Bunny isn’t real. I love it when they ask ridiculous questions to which even I don’t know the answer, providing me with some excellent mental exercise! Just once a year, at Christmas, I curse these smart kids for testing my patience.


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