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Lilies Diary | 20. March 2018

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Nusa Lembongan Reisebericht: Ein Paradies-Trio

1. October 2016 |

Langsam wird es immer leiser und der Trubel und Lärm aus der Ferne verschwindet. Was zurückbleibt sind nur noch Umrisse der großen Insel. Ich sitze an der Spitze des Bootes, so wie ich es immer tue, und warte darauf, dass ich … Read More

My trip to Myanmar – two weeks of ‘back to basics’ in Asia

28. July 2016 | 1

Myanmar, Burma or Birma – these names all refer to the same Asian country, located between Thailand, China, Lao, India and Bangladesh. To me, the former military dictatorship was simply a blank spot on the map of the world. But … Read More

7 Things you have to see on Ko Samui

13. May 2015 |

Ko Samui – paradise! Teresa responded to my appeal “Send me your best travel photograph” and promptly joined the team of bloggers at Lilies Diary. Today she’s taking you with her on a trip to Thailand’s breathtaking island Ko Samui:

Exotic … Read More

Maafushivaru – 7 unforgettable moments on the Maledives

13. May 2015 |

They always say don’t look to the past, live in the here and now. I generally agree, but I have to say reminiscing about certain moments and memories in the past really brings a smile to my face. I think … Read More

Maledives: 7 Tips for a holiday on Kuramathi island

2. November 2014 |

A holiday on Kuramathi island: 5 resorts in 15 days. That was my own small personal project for the Maledives. Honestly, I feel like a bit of an expert on the Maledives now, and can recommend a suitable resort for everyone! … Read More

Kurumba – an island for beginners and dolphin lovers

28. October 2014 |

I’ll admit, the flight from Germany to Malé is pretty tiring, especially overnight. My first trip to the Maledives required a long-haul flight, another 90-minute flight and a 45-minute speedboat trip. I was exhausted when I arrived and needed a … Read More

Penis Festival Kanamara Matsuri in Japan

15. June 2013 | 1

„Husaka, Husak, Husake“, chants the crowd and claps. Above them floats the pink penis, the sanctum, which is carried by men dressed as women. Their colourful wigs are askew, their eyes sparkling and laughing. The only thought that came to … Read More