People say the first day at your new job is a mix of nervous sweat pearls on your forehead and the vague hope of making a good first impression. This is how I marched through Berlin’s foggy air in the morning, off to my new office in Berlin’s heart, Alexanderplatz in order to start my new job at Lilies Diary. The last sweat pearls are finally gone…let’s get started.

Anne Steinbach

I am Anne: a 23-year-old Berliner, who, after several years, finally put her feet back on Mudderstadt-ground. I am travelling around the world since 2009 and lived in Indonesia, West Africa, Denmark, Australia and England, a little addition to the countries I carried my backpack through. Apart from travelling I worked for a German travel agent, which focuses on surf trips and finally got me into an intense love for waves and the ocean.

Since surfing is not really working in Berlin yet, I decided to go back to my working desk and hit the keyboard. For my own professional future some work needs to be done and since people say things are best at their source I went back to Berlin. I spent the last 1,5 years studying ‘Journalism, Media and Globalisation’, which is why I am here, next to Christine, writing for Lilies Diary, since writing, just like surfing, pretty much got to me big time.

I wrote for some blogs and magazines within the last couple of years and try to keep my own little travel diary as up to date as possible. Based in our nice Berlin office, I will be working on articles about the German capital and will assist Lilies Diary in getting better and better while providing it with some fresh input.

Deep grasps into my own little travel box and stories about untouched corners of Berlin city will be present. As old-new-Berliner I cannot wait to stroll around my own city and explore it again, and again. Well, this is also the same story for the rest of the world. There will be lots of travel reports about diverse places, people and cultures of the world: from Knödel in Southtyrol to scurrile things from the centre of Berlin.

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