Top hotspots in Miami – insider tips, places for the sunrise and more …

I am convinced that the response is obvious, if you ask people about what they wish to have during their holidays: the sun and the ocean. Florida is well-known as being the sun state and Miami as being the city located right at the ocean. I had the chance to spend one week in Miami to work on my tan. While being busy tanning, I tried to find the nicest areas on the beach or located close to the ocean. Places at which you simply want to relax and chill. Or places where you can boost up your adrenaline. Lean back and enjoy the 7 nicest spots at the sea:


Top hotspots in Miami: Miami Bayside 

Located in the middle of Miami Downtown, between skyscrapers and right on Bayside you will find a dreamy spot: put your feet in the sand, while you gradually tan in the soft shade given by the palms protecting your head. This area is especially nice if you come in the very morning and take a stroll along the promenade.

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The most beautiful wooden chair in Miami.

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Dancing at the river…

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The Bayside promenade

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Top hotspots in Miami: Take a break in the palm garden

If you walked along the Bayside promenade, you will reach the PAMM, the Pérez Art Museum Miami, which looks amazing with its combination of concrete and greenery. Right in front of PAMM, you will find an area with wrought iron chairs and palm trees, located in the perfect pole position of unlimited ocean view and an even more perfect view over the bridge crossing Miami River.

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Top hotspots in Miami: Miami North Beach

Miami North Beach is a small and rather unknown sister of Miami South Beach. If you need serenity and solitude, this is exactly where you want to be. The perfect spot can be found close to Canyon Ranch. Reserve a sunbed in the morning and enjoy being far away from the busy beach areas.






Top hotspots in Miami: Miami South Beach

Still – you cannot miss South Beach. I promise that you will at least see one film production team working on the beach. My favourite part about South Beach are the yoga lessons in the morning, which happens around 3rd Street every day at 7 am and which is completely free for all participants. Also: make sure you visit the lighthouse, the pier, and…


Good Morning!


Best spot to shoot a photo in Miami


Top hotspots in Miami: Action in the Everglades

You will also find enough water in the Everglades. The national park is only a few kilometres away from Miami and should be on everyone’s to-do-list when visiting Miami. Favorite thing to do in the Everglades? Go on an Airboat ride!


Top hotspots in Miami: Caribbean feeling in Miami

This is an absolutely secret insider tip, which the Miami locals did not even know even though it is by far the most beautiful spot on earth: the Red Fish Grill. If you head down to this amazing restaurant, you will find yourself right next to a natural pool of sea water, surrounded by palm trees.


The day I had the beach for myself…


Top hotspots in Miami: The prettiest sunrise in Downtown Miami

I can promise you: on your first day in Miami, you will wake up at 6 in the morning, thanks to your jetlag., which is the perfect time to enjoy a proper Miami sunrise. I spent my first night at the JW Marriott in Downtown Miami, only 100m away from Miami South Channel and equipped with the perfect view for an even more perfect sunrise. I felt a little like being in Hamburg, with added 20 degrees to the temperature. From here you cannot only watch the sunrise, but also become a witness of Miami waking up: people walk their dogs, go running or enjoy their first coffee of the day…

Almost every hotel in Miami has its own pool and it is an unbelievable feeling to swim between huge skyscrapers – a feeling, that you will only get in Downtown Miami.

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Sunrise in South Channel

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Swimming between skyscrapers at the JW Marriott in Downtown Miami

Top hotspots in Miami

It does look similar to Hamburg, right?

You want more advice? Have a look at my 7 reasons to go on a holiday in Miami – reasons, that make you want to go on another holiday immediately.

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