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Lilies Diary | 21. December 2014

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The Royal Ascot Race – Video

19. July 2012 |

Hats, hats, hats, a few horses and the queen. I went to the Royal Ascot Race with Contiki and had an amazing time with cheese and champagne. You’ll get excited as you feel the buzz of race day on arrival at … Read More

Anton – I love Gothenburg

2. July 2012 |

I got to know Anton in a fish restaurant in Gotenburg. He is the heart of liveSwedish – Gothenburg, blogger, musician and so much more. I asked him my three questions:

1. What was the most beautiful place you … Read More

11th Festival: Elderflower Field – Festivals in England

26. June 2012 | | 1 Comment

Snow White is already dancing on the bales of hay and the pirate with the black hat and colourful water pistol has already launched his attack on innocent passersby. 8am at a hippy family festival in Sussex. Only one of … Read More

10th Festival: Springfestival 2012 Graz (Austria)

18. June 2012 |

What does a band or DJ get up to before their performance? My idea up until now – lounging about in the smoky backstage area, ranting about the food offered in the buffet and pseudo-intellectual conversations. Just enough time … Read More

9. Festival – Gourmet Festival – Life in a Luxury Hotel

6. June 2012 |

I’ll admit it, Sani’s Gourmet Festival was a complete exception. A festival in a luxury hotel to relax and enjoy. But this was one of my aims for the summer – find all kinds of festivals offering all kinds of … Read More

Elderflower Fields Festival

5. June 2012 |

It was a trip to another world. It was colourful, peaceful and there was homemade cakes on a crocheted blanket in the woods, trees with bows around them and laughing children with flowers in their hair.

I don’t want … Read More